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Kyle F.

New York City, NY

"We went from $38k/mo in October, 2020 to $196k/mo in August, 2021"

Albee R.

East Hampton, NY

After 8 weeks in GL

$51,970 in PIF packages

Sam H.

Bluffton, South Carolina

"I quit my 6-figure LEO position, moved my family half way across the country to own a gym I had never seen and within 6 months of joining Gym Launch we went from $42k/mo to $95k/mo"

This is the craziest offer we've ever made.

And here's why we're making it

In a recent survey of our Gym Lords in July, we found that the AVERAGE Gym Lord saw these improvements in our program:


  • $204,154 in NEW revenue
  • $56,977 in NEW retail revenue
  • 50% drop in churn (16% -> 8%)

And those are just the AVERAGES

It also means half our Gym Lords did BETTER

Armed with this information, we put together the best offer we’ve ever made.

We guarantee our program will add $60,000 in new revenue

OR we’ll give you every last cent of your investment back.

Oh...and we’ll run your ads for FREE

All you have to do is be willing to follow a model that’s been proven by 4300+ gyms around the world.

Worst case, you get your investment back and learn some cool stuff along the way

Best case, you build a $1M gym (we’ve done it 75+ times)

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The TOP 20%

…$266,250 in NEW revenue/yr

…$191,001 in new PROFIT/yr

...83% decrease in churn

What’s their secret?

Insane work ethic.


And a proven strategy that’s built over 75 $1M gyms...12 of them this year alone.

P.S. The BOTTOM 20% of Gym Lords profit almost 3x what the average gym does right now. So if you’re wondering if this will work for will.

The BOTTOM 20%:

...increased their revenue by $46,422/yr

...increased their profit from $17,933/yr -> $55,714/yr

...decreased their churn by 36%

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